The 13 Best Windows Productivity Apps

Here is my personal roundup of the best Windows productivity apps that I have installed on my Windows 11 system. 

I’ve arranged these tools in alphabetical order to make it easier to navigate through them. Each of these apps plays a crucial role in enhancing my daily productivity and extending the capabilities of Windows to better fit my needs.

While these applications are the best for my workflow, it’s important to remember that everyone’s needs are different. 

What works exceptionally well for me might not be as effective for you, depending on the specific tasks you need to accomplish. I hope that by sharing this list, you’ll gain some insights into the possibilities available for customising and enhancing your own Windows experience. 

Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations, manage your tasks more efficiently, or simply add a new level of functionality to your system, these apps might offer just what you need to boost your productivity.

Best Windows 11 Productivity Apps

1. Dynamic Theme

Overview: Automatically updates your desktop wallpaper and lock screen from Bing’s daily images or your own collection.

Benefits: Keeps your desktop fresh and inspiring.

Features: Syncs theme across devices, auto-saves favourite images, automatic daily updates, customizable slideshow settings.

Link: Dynamic Theme

2. EarTrumpet

Overview: Advanced volume control app that allows for managing the volume of individual apps.

Benefits: Provides precise audio control without affecting overall system volume.

Features: Seamless integration with the system tray and supports audio device switching, independent app volume controls, modern interface design.

Link: EarTrumpet

3. Everything

Overview: A search utility tool that instantly locates files and folders by filename.

Benefits: Ultra-fast searching that outperforms standard Windows search.

Features: Real-time updates, portable version available, minimal system resource usage, supports quick file indexing.

Link: Everything

4. Greenshot

Overview: A lightweight tool for capturing and editing screenshots.

Benefits: Fast screenshot capture with easy annotation and export options.

Features: Direct integration with printers and Office programs, supports full screen, window, and region capture, exports to various formats (JPG, PNG, GIF).

Link: Greenshot

5. Garage Mouse without Borders

Overview: Control up to four computers using a single mouse and keyboard.

Benefits: Simplifies multitasking across multiple devices.

Features: Supports text, file, and clipboard sharing across computers, seamless mouse transition between screens, drag and drop file transfers.

Link: Mouse without Borders

6. NanaZip

Overview: A file archiving tool that enhances the 7-Zip algorithm with better integration into Windows.

Benefits: High compression ratios and secure file encryption.

Features: Shell integration, supports multi-volume archiving, context menu integration, customizable compression settings.

Link: NanaZip

7. PowerToys

Overview: A set of utilities designed to let power users fine-tune their Windows experience for optimal productivity.

Benefits: Includes a variety of tools for enhanced window management and customization.

Features: FancyZones, PowerRename, Keyboard Manager, Color Picker, Image Resizer, Mouse utilities.

Link: PowerToys

8. RegionToShare

Overview: Quickly captures and shares screenshots or screen regions.

Benefits: Enhances efficiency in visual communication.

Features: Instant editing and annotating, with straightforward sharing options, quick access toolbar, customizable screenshot shortcuts.

Link: RegionToShare

9. Sysinternals Suite

Overview: A suite of advanced system utilities for managing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing Windows systems.

Benefits: Offers deep system insights and troubleshooting capabilities.

Features: Includes tools like Process Explorer and Autoruns with live monitoring, advanced system information tools, detailed security and file management capabilities.

Link: Sysinternals Suite

10. TranslucentTB

Overview: Customises the Windows taskbar with translucent or transparent effects.

Benefits: Beautifies the desktop interface, enhancing user enjoyment.

Features: Taskbar colour customization and dynamic modes, blur and clear effects, customizable transparency levels.

Link: TranslucentTB

11. WiFi Analyzer

Overview: Optimises your Wi-Fi network by analysing the airwaves around you.

Benefits: Identifies the best placement for routers and devices for optimal signal strength.

Features: Detailed signal strength graphs and support for multiple bands, channel rating, network congestion analysis.

Link: WiFi Analyzer

12. Winget

Overview: A package manager that automates the installation and management of software.

Benefits: Simplifies software installation and updates with command-line convenience.

Features: Supports bulk and scriptable installations, search and filter installed applications, update all applications with a single command.

Link: Winget

13. WizTree

Overview: Quickly identifies the files and folders using the most disk space on your drives.

Benefits: Helps manage disk space more efficiently.

Features: Extremely rapid scans and a graphical display of disk space usage, identifies duplicate files, exports scan results to CSV.

Link: WizTree

The Bottom Line

If you would like to discover more Windows 11 apps, visit the Microsoft Store or search on GitHub. Those are my two go to places for Windows apps.

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